Fleshlight – The Best Selling Pocket Pussy

FleshlightFleshlight: Feels Exactly Like A Real Pussy.

The Best Selling Masturbation Male Sex Toy in the World.

The Pocket Pussy, is the perfect sex toy for men. Masturbate and practice intercourse before the real sex debut. You can work up your stamina, and you will be able to last longer in bed when you have sex for the first time. No premature ejaculation to be ashamed about.

And of course it is the best masturbate sex toy for a strong orgasms.

For more than a decade, the Fleshlight has introduced more men to the pleasures of Fleshlight brand products then any other Fleshlight Sleeves. The ideal introduction to the Fleshlight experience, penetrating the soft folds of the patented SuperSkin material and sliding along the firm yet supple canal of the Original sleeve elevates the common task of masturbation to new and exciting peaks of sexual gratification unsurpassed by any means outside of actual intercourse. Fleshlight are build with a high quality material and will hold for several years.

Flight Aviator – The Travel Pocket Pussy

Fleshlight has taken its best selling male sex toy and made it even better. The Flight is sleek, compact, aerodynamically designed and discreet – perfect for travel and storage. Soar to new heights with the sleek and aerodynamically designed Flight from Fleshlight.

Lady Stamina Training Unit


Designed To:

  • Increase sexual stamina
  • Improve performance
  • Heighten & intensify orgasms
  • Specially designed sleeve for male performance enhancement
  • Body-safe material built to last
  • Exclusive SuperSkin sleeve provides hyper-realistic feel
  • Reusable and easy to clean
  • Patented design creates intense suction sensation
  • Proudly made in the USA

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*HOT*  Turbo Ignition Blue Ice:

The Fleshlight Turbo – The most realistic and satisfying alternative to oral sex. The mind-blowing sensations of getting a real blow job every time you use it. The perfect Blowjob simulation.

*New* QUICKSHOT:quickshot

  • The most compact product
  • Dual-orifice SuperSkin™
  • Sleeve Caps on each endfor convenient storage
  • Open on both ends
  • Great for both couple & solo play
  • Non-anatomical
  • 4.4″ Total Length
  • 3.5″ Insertable Length

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*New* Introducing: Sleeve Warmer.


The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer is compatible with all Fleshlight and Fleshjack products. In a few minutes it will heat your Fleshlight to 105° F / 50° C. The prefect temperature for a realistic vaginal intercourse. USB cable or wall charger provided.

Fleshlight LaunchPAD

The new Fleshlight LaunchPAD is perfect for point-of-view content, enjoying a variety of your favorite hot films, and sexy clips and images while using your Fleshlight product. Perfect for long distance play with a friend or partner.


So why should you choose Fleshlight as your pocket pussy?

For single men, Fleshlight offers some masturbation experience which is more the same as the sensual sexual intercourse as compared to what may be achieved with hand, and for men in committed relationships, or even married; it offers a safe and healthy outlet for sexual variety found through its different textures

Owing to the flexibility and ability to employ this masturbator in various ways, there’s no wonder that Fleshlight remains the leading and most popular sex toy that is found in the market today. Read more here.

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Top 5 Reasons:

1. Lifetime of pleasure. With proper care and use, your Fleshlight will last a lifetime. If only it were that easy with real sexual partners. This is the best pocket pussy on the market.

2. Like the real thing. The soft, pliable, non-vibrating SuperSkin sleeve has been designed to provide the most realistic intercourse sensation known to man.

3. You’re in control. Whenever you want, however you like, the Fleshlight sexual gratification alternative is there to fulfill your sexual fantasies and meet your desires.

4. Improve your performance and stamina. Whether you’re a real hunk or just a newbie to sex, there is always room for improvement. Practice new techniques, test your skills and see how long you can last in one of the specially designed inserts, created for maximum sensation (The Stamina Training Unit).

5. Practice safe sex. The Fleshlight was created in part, to address the risks associated with promiscuity, the spread of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), and unwanted pregnancy. Whether you’re having trouble finding a safe partner or waiting for the right one to come along, the Fleshlight offers a a safe and satisfying means for expressing your sexuality.

Original Fleshlight Model Information:

Material: SuperSkin
Length: 25.5 cm / 10.2 inch
Canal Diameter: 2 cm / 0.8 inch
Color: Pink / Crystal / Ice / Etc.
Orifice: Lady (Vagina)
Texture: Original, Super Tight, Wonder Wave, Speed Bump, Super Ribbed, Vortex.
Includes: Fleshlight Sleeve And Fleshlight Case
Waterproof: Yes
Lubricant: Water-Based ONLY

Some Of The Fleshlight Sleeves:





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How sex toys can spice up your sex life?

Male masturbators are now available in different shapes and sizes. There are a variety of mouths, vagina and butts which have different texture and openings that offer a pleasant experience when one slip his penis in them. With so many masturbators to choose from one can be overwhelmed with the right choice that suits his needs.

You do not have to worry about your choices anymore because the following are the top male sex toys which will enable you achieve your maximum pleasure while you are masturbating either alone or with your partner.

1. Vibrating Masturbator.
This is a battery powered men vibrator that contains a penis sleeve. Vibrating Masturbator is a perfect sex toy that can be set to vibrate at varying speeds depending on the person’s pleasure. It has a soft and stretchy pussy that has pleasure nubs and teasing ticklers which ensure ultimate sensation as you masturbate. You can also control the level of heat you want to feel while you are using it, this makes you feel like you are inside a real pussy.

2. Fleshlights.
fleshlight is among the top selling men sex toys in the world. Its inner texture is absolutely perfect; some men say the texture is way better than the real pussy. With the fleshlight your dreams are always taken care of. There is no difference between this toy and the real thing.

3. Masturbation Sleeves.
This men sex toy looks like a hand held tunnel for penis and is usually referred as pocket pussy. This toy lets you enjoy the excellent view as you slide your penis in and out of it, increasing you visual excitement. In addition to this, it is very soft, stretchy and warms up quickly to the body temperature for an ultimate experience.

4. Luxury Masturbators.
For those who are not just looking to masturbate, but also for a toy that they can sink into it as they masturbate then fuck me silly luxury masturbator is the answer. It is a replica of a chic with busty boobs and tight waist who never say no and is always warm. With the tightest of pussy and ass, this sex toy is exclusively designed to make you cum.

5. Hands free Masturbators.
This toy is turbo powered with precise penis strokes. You don’t have to use you hands because the toy will do everything for you. It is the most efficient toy for self gratification. The suck offers a soft, pliable love tunnel that allows you to get the clear view as you masturbates, increasing you visual pleasure. You can also choose your most preferred stroke speed for the ultimate pleasure.

These male masturbation offer the most relaxed and best way to cum and it does not matter whether you are alone or with your partner. They also come in different shapes and sizes that fit all men. Acquiring sex toys is like getting a partner who never says no to you when you want to have sex.

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” It´s incredible! It´s like a real pussy!! I´ve never seen nothing like this, the best masturbation product in the world. Your #1 pocket pussy